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Not sure which Gingersnap’s Organic CLEANSE is right for you? Please email us at gocleanse@gingersnapsorganic.com and we can help you sort it out, or develop a custom cleanse just for you!

Often our bodies need a break. A break from digesting overly processed and heavy foods. We offer several [GO] Cleanses ranging from raw food, all juice cleanses, half day and custom cleanses. Our juices and food are all Raw, Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free. All of our options will yield great results, but you can choose depending on your lifestyle and what will help you reach your personalized goals. We are here to help, so please let us know your needs and we can direct you to the right cleanse for you and your life on the [GO].

ADD-ONS AVAILABLE FOR ALL CLEANSES: Juice, Smoothies, Milks / $10-12 Kale chips, Crackers / $8
Go Custom
Cleanse $50 per day
Have you ever felt like you needed a little extra guidance or someone to coach you through a cleanse? Do you have specific health goals, or want to try something different? This is a new one-of-a-kind 5 OR 7-DAY customized cleanse that includes two 30-minute sessions with Owner Jamie Graber (valued at $250). Do a pre-cleanse consult to help determine your personal needs, how to cleanse properly, and then choose another mid or post-cleanse session to discuss your progress and how to ease off your cleanse. Consults are done via phone or Skype and must be scheduled at least 48 hours before cleanse start date. The 7-day cleanse includes 4 evening deliveries (5-9pm) and the 5-day includes 3 deliveries. Please see our map for delivery areas. 5-day package is $400 7-day is $550. Cleanse packages do not include tax. Book your cleanse HERE.
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Go Cleanse
Cleanse $50 per day
Looking to drop a few pounds, but not give up chewing? Learn better habits, while still getting that Glow with the [GO] CLEANSE.


*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • [GO] Borecole (aka Kale) Salad
  • [GO] Side Salad with Gingersnap’s Dressing
  • [GO] Taco
  • [GO] Mango Pudding
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Go Spirit junkie
Spirit Junkie $65 per day
If you wanna cleanse deeply, but still want to chew, our New [GO] Spirit Junkie cleanse is right for you! Inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein.


*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Ginger Lemonade
  • [GO] Kick
  • [GO] Vanilla Superfood Milk
  • [GO] Green Smoothie
  • [GO] Borecole (Kale) Salad
  • [GO] Vanilla Chia Pudding
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Go Blend
Bland $63 a day
Lets you drink and keep the fiber. If you want to do a deep cleanse, but want to keep things “moving”, then this is the cleanse for you.

[GO] Blend Sample Menu

*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Ginger lemonade
  • [GO] Green Smoothie
  • [GO] Vanilla Superfood Milk
  • [GO] Green Colada
  • [GO] Thai Carrot Soup
  • [GO] Red Soup
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Go Liquid
Liquid $60 per day
Trying to go a little deeper into a cleanse and allow your body to completely rest from digesting, then our [GO] LIQUID CLEANSE is the right choice for you.


*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Ginger Lemonade
  • [GO] Green
  • [GO] Vanilla Superfood Milk
  • [GO] Heat
  • [GO] Beet It
  • [GO] Green Soup
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Trying to go even deeper into a cleanse and allow your body to completely rest from digesting, then our [GO] DEEP LIQUID is the right choice for you.


*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Sugar Free Ginger Lemonade
  • [GO] Kick
  • [GO] Sugar Free Vanilla Superfood Almond Milk
  • [GO] Red Soup
  • [GO] Beet (Beets, Carrot, Pear, Ginger)
  • [GO] Green (All Greens)
Deep liquid
Have you always wanted to do a cleanse, but your life got in the way? We make it easy to cleanse while maintaining your social life. Cleanse during the day, and at night have a sensible dinner with friends, choose the [GO] HAVE A LIFE CLEANSE.


*Please note this is a sample menu which may vary
  • [GO] Kick
  • [GO] Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • [GO] Superfood Salad
Have life cleanses


These are very mild cleanses. We recommend you do them for at least 3 days, although it is better than none. You should be able to sustain normal activity, including exercise. If you are not feeling well and wish to add something, we suggest sliced organic vegetables (no dressing) and/or fresh organic fruit. We are not doctors, and if you have any hesitations, please contact your doctor. Gingersnap’s Organic does not make claims that our cleanses will cure or heal illness. We serve purely organic food, that has not been heated and therefore is easy for your body to digest. Through the elimination of the heating process, the enzymes are left intact, enabling easier digestion, and the absorption of nutrients. The less the body has to work, the younger it stays. We are proudly serving unpasteurized food and juice, the way Mother Earth intended. Although we take every measure necessary to ensure cleanliness, the FDA would like us to let you know that harmful bacterium may still exist in the food and juice, which could cause certain individuals to become ill. They will however, allow fast food establishments to go without a warning…go figure. DISCLAIMER: Gingersnap’s Organic is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Nothing contained in this website should be construed as such advice or diagnosis. The information generated by us should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. You are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any change in diet or weight loss effort or regimen. This cleanse is intended for use only by healthy adult individuals. The cleanse is not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition or on prescription drugs. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of weight loss effort or regimen.