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In the years of running Gingersnap’s Organic, I always felt a yearning to go deeper with my customers. I knew I loved making clean and delicious food available for so many people but , I continuously  felt I wanted to make more of a difference. I want to be of more service, outside of the food. I graduated from Yoga Works 5oo Hour Teacher Training, the Integrative School of Nutrition, as well as Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 and 2.  I began to coach people and realized that this was my true passion, this is where I could really make a difference in people’s lives.

Food is where it starts, but far from where it ends. In the experiences I have had in my own life, as well as through my clients, I have come to understand, that the food part is truly only the beginning.  When you start making conscious choices with food, you start to see it showing up outside of what is on your plate.  You begin to realize that you feed yourself in numerous ways, whether it be the company you keep, the products you use, the entertainment you surround yourself with and of course, the thoughts that go inside your head. 

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I specialize in the Following

  • Whole food education
  • Cleanse and life detox programs
  • Space clearing
  • Creating new thought patterns


My career began in event production, where I learned the ins and outs of all that is needed to produce a massive undertaking within time, staffing and budget constraints. Life’s twists and turns next led me into the world of juicing in Los Angeles, where I worked at Juliano’s Raw and eventually I went on to become the General Manager at Rawvolution, completely revitalizing their internal systems. With the creation of Gingersnaps, I’ve learned every step needed to create a successful, thriving enterprise with a happy staff and loyal customers. I’m excited to take my experience and know-how to the new juice bar owner, or to the owner who has not yet figured out exactly what is needed to make his or her restaurant a beautiful success.

I consult on the following topics:

  • Recipe creation (juice, smoothie & raw food)
  • Space and layout
  • Team education
  • Equipment needs
  • Operations
  • Vendors
  • Pricing
  • Staffing needs

Whether you are an individual looking to be happier in their lives or a juice bar owner looking to create the most successful enterprise possible, CONTACT JAMIE today to learn more about working together.